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Whether you are transitioning from the analog to digital environment, need a single workstation to read extra cases or a utility, having an easy to use interface makes tasks more enjoyable and less time consuming. Personal Edition gives users a highly satisfying experience with its stable, intuitive, consistent interface.

With comprehensive modality support including advanced imaging, Personal Edition offers an extensive array of tools including EaSel, hanging protocols, MPR, PET/CT fusion with SUV, PDF attachment, digital subtraction and spine labeling giving clinicians a complete set of diagnostic tools they desire. Combined with the intuitive user interface, user log-in/authentication, media writing, DICOM print and image editing make Personal Edition a great utility workstation for administrators and techs.

ImageWorks is a family of speciality workstations designed to bridge the gap between digital interpretation of a newly acquired study and film. With ImageWorks, image data is captured from the acquiring modality and placed in a digital archive. If the modality is non-DICOM, ImageWorks converts the data to DICOM. Once archived, the physician can interpret using an advanced diagnostic viewer, burn the study to a CD/DVD, or print to film using a highly optimized film layout manager which maximizes film utilization. With ImageWorks, continue to meet your market requirements using film while taking advantage of advanced digital diagnostic tools.


Full DICOM 3.0 Support

  • Open DICOM receiver can receive studies/images from any DICOM server/modality.
  • QUERY/RETRIEVE studies from DICOM modalities and post processing workstations.
  • User-defined printers and workstations that can receive DICOM commands.

Industry leading non-DICOM Image Integration

  • TIF and JPEG file to DICOM conversion
  • SEND images to networked computers in non-DICOM format (BMP, JPEG, and AVI)

Clinical Viewing & Image Editing Software

  • Patient information management.
  • Generated reports for individual patients.
  • Link and store patient reports with the images for easy review.
  • Import DICOM and non-DICOM studies.
  • Easy to use CD/DVD burner includes the patient's report, images and DICOM viewer.
  • Multiple patient/series viewing in single window for image comparison.
  • Image rotation to user-specified degree.
  • User friendly, DICOM image stitching of two or more images.
  • Image cropping and masking.
  • Flexible, easy to use Picture in Picture (PIP) stapling.
  • User specifies patient details to be presented in film footer.
  • Advanced editing tools including window width/leveladjustment, ROI selection, area and volume measurements,overlay removal and addition, etc.

Advanced Image Printing & Archiving

  • Default print layouts & user-defined custom print layouts.
  • Print images on medical film printers or on desktop paper printers.
  • Print reports and images together.
  • Printing tools specifically designed for multi-modality printing.
  • Image printing in both color and black and white via any Windows compatible printer.
  • Multiple patient CD/DVD writing for archiving.
  • Easy to use utility to recreate the access database.
  • Smart printing tools.
  • Print multiple patient images on one page.
  • Customizable film footer & patient's image in the film.
  • True size image measurement.
  • Image filters to enhance image quality with functions like median filter, histogram, histo-contrast, histo-equalize, stretch intensity, anti-aliasing filter, Gaussian blurring, etc.
  • Angular measurement.