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Everrtech Mini PACS is most affordable Mini PACS solutions which is designed for the organizations with limited budget, clinics, smaller hospitals etc. Everrtech Mini PACS is a package best suited for the radiology departments which has less volume of studies in a year. Everrtech Mini PACS is flexible and user-friendly. Its simple interface allows users to seamlessly use this application with minimal training and technical knowledge

Everrtech Mini PACS supports DICOM Viewing, Reporting, DICOM CD Burning and all other essential features in modules which are found in fully featured PACS. Everrtech Mini PACS supports connections with all DICOM modalities and also from any vendor. It is designed efficiently to maximize work with maximum uptime, it provides clients with better services, faster delivery of images and reports, and extended access to vital patient information for installations of all sizes. The solution securely integrates imaging and patient data.

Access images with secure authentication from any web-based location with our secure and reliable imaging storage solution. Improve your operational efficiencies with enhanced quality control features and optimal workflows, empowering you to focus on revenue growth initiatives.

  • Web-based solution
  • Multi-modality connectivity (unlimited)
  • Downloads applet for the first time if the Viewer is not installed
  • Downloading status of images
  • Lossy or lossless compression formats Search filters based on Patient ID, Accession Number, Date, and Patient Name for easy retrieval of patient
  • Multi-site connectivity
  • Supports multiple storages
  • Secured user creation and password
  • Audit log configuration
  • Auto user logoff
  • Assigning patient to particular Doctors
  • Multiple patient studies or series download
  • Multiple series viewing option in single window
  • Standard and user-defined reporting functions
  • Voice Dictation & text reporting
  • DICOM Import/Export
  • DICOM Query/Retrieve SCP
  • DICOM Routing to any destination
  • DICOM CD/DVD Burning from any viewer
  • API Integration with any third party solution
  • Image Viewer can be launched from any HIS/RIS system
  • User access control from Administrator