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Everrtech 3D application has the most user friendly interface and the advanced options which make it one of the easiest application for daily use. Everrtech 3D displays multiple views study using various 3D reconstruction techniques such as MPR, VRT, MIP, MinIP and SSD, and projection techniques supporting clipping planes, slab, scale, zoom, camera control, threshold, transparency and image processing.

Everrtech 3D offers a full suite of advanced visualization and analysis tools optimized to deliver productivity and high-quality multimedia reports. With Everrtech 3D you can read large volumetric datasets more efficiently, in any plane, at any thickness without compromising on image quality, speed and ease-of-use. Designed to provide rapid, multi-user access to your volumetric image studies throughout the enterprise, Everrtech 3D can be seamlessly integrated into your radiology workflow, directly into an existing PACS, or as an economical interim solution.

The Everrtech 3D DICOM viewer workstation is most likely the fastest 3D Workstation available, to date we've yet to find one faster. The Everrtech 3D Workstation displays studies from any modality with the widest range of 3D rendering methods, for surgical planning and image diagnosis. Everrtech 3D fits perfectly into your 3D workflow requirements, delivering easy to use, high-quality 3D imaging.

Our 3D Workstation draws on that pedigree to provide a fast, simple to use and very powerful 3D DICOM viewer.

Everrtech 3D is the leading – edge medical imaging that revolutionizes our medical practice by strengthening our ability to non-invasively picture anatomy and pathology. This 3D imaging allows better communication among clinicians and patients and it improves pre and post procedure planning.

  • Fast and efficient rendering methods support viewing multiple 3D volumes simultaneously.
  • Easily construct 3D volumes from 2D slices of any stackable set of images such as MRI and CT.
  • Easily generate Axial, Sagittal and Coronal planes from the original 2D stack.
  • Provides five different volume reconstruction techniques: MPR, VRT, MIP, MinIP and SSD.
  • 3D rendering is fully integrated with the Everrtech Medical Viewer control.
  • Load and save 3D volumes.
  • Load and save object mesh, status and data.
  • Automated interactive 3D volume actions include:
    • Window level
    • Pan
    • Rotate volume, plane or camera
    • Move volume, plane or camera
    • Scale
    • Zoom camera
    • Magnifying glass
  • Display labels and rulers on the 3D control.
  • Curved MPR / Panoramic Polygon feature for constructing curved slices and panoramic views which are ideal for dental and vessel analysis.
  • Generate and view Paraxial Cuts.
  • Draw up to 3 oblique and 3 orthogonal planes when rendering with MPR.
  • Supports up to 6 orthogonal or oblique clipping planes.
  • Specify single and double oblique planes to generate an MIP slab to render only a portion of the 3D volume.
  • Customize VRT opacity.
  • Apply image processing such as ISO threshold to the rendering.
  • Invert the volume colors.
  • Camera supports different projection views.
  • Customizable Orientation Cube Customize features such as the color of the boundaries, boundary box, intersection line, and background.
  • Includes hardware compatibility check utility.