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Everrtech RIS is a comprehensive solution designed from the ground up by a team of veteran imaging center operators, radiologists and programmers�all working together to solve real-world problems in today\\\\\\\'s busy, multi-site imaging centers.

Everrtech is a radiology information system that can be perfectly implemented in any healthcare facility. Whether it is a small radiology center or a large complex multi-sited medical center; Everrtech is the perfect fit. Everrtech separates itself from competitors because of its ability to seamlessly integrate with infrastructure setups of any medical facility and an intuitive web-enabled interface that provides user-friendly accessibility.

Everrtech RIS works seamlessly with the Everrtech PACS. Driven from the same powerful database, it eliminates the need for an interface between these systems. This provides more stability and reliabilitythan ever before, with the fastest workflow possible, from ordering to billing and reimbursement. Everrtech RIS automates and integrates processes, taking radiology workflow productivity and efficiency to the highest levels.

  • Multi-level data entry for the new job orders.
  • Job order handling and retrieval of studies for the local or remote branches.
  • Web-enabled interface.
  • Powerful multi-level patient directory that supports multi-level studies.
  • Fast and flexible search tool to quickly retrieve the required studies.
  • Visual reservation calendar with color-coded slots that facilitates job-order placement in a quick, intuitive and efficient manner.
  • Reservation slots can be modified visually (delete, change time/date, copy, etc.).
  • Multiple views for displaying the job orders (machines per day, jobs per machine).
  • Easily customizable knowledgebase database that hold the information of the medical center (rooms, machines, procedures).
  • Support of medical insurance providers and referring physicians.
  • Restriction tool that enables handling of machines\\\\\\\' maintenance issues within the facility (no reservation for a machine if it is being under maintenance).
  • Supports of various payment methods (cash, insurance, installments, etc.).
  • Complete cash flow management including full payments, partial payments, applied discounts, refunds, etc.
  • Powerful and enhanced inventory module that supports the medical item stock inside the medical facility track the consumption and generate the corresponding reports.
  • Visual report designer that is fully integrated with Everrtech Report; a fully-featured reporting module. Multi-lingual support.
  • Compliant with DICOM 3.0 standards.
  • Supports HL7 protocol for full integration with HL7 compliant HMIS\\\\\\\'s.
  • Enhanced security for patient data protection and HIPAA compliant.
  • Fully integrated scheduling and order entry modules.
  • Customizable worklists & report layouts.
  • Digital Dashboard provides graphical presentation of key statistics.
  • Billing interface enables data transfer to third-party billing solution.
  • Provides a wide variety of administrative reports to track utilization and productivity.
  • Meets all MQSA requirements for Mammography Management & Reporting.
  • Provides automated report distribution via print, fax or CD/DVD.