About NeoRad PACS

NeoRad Server PACS is a Graphical User Interface for configuration, monitoring and management of the various components of NeoRad PACS Suite. It is a centralized management tool for the administrators. It is built with a rich set of mechanisms that allows an administrator to obtain an overview and/or a detailed view of the system activity and workflow. It has built in interfaces for customized reporting, study tracking and process auditing that aid the administrators to isolate and solve any possible problems in an efficient manner. The Archive is a secure, Iossless DICOM archive, open-system JPEG2000 based solution designed to provide scalable storage of historical studies. Plus it is true VNA.

iWeb Clinical Viewer is a web-based application designed for retrieving and viewing DICOM studies over the Internet or intranet networks. It allows the user to retrieve medical images stored in the archive, display them in a web-based browser and perform basic image processing on them. NeoRad PACS has a very intuitive reporting module. It has two types of reporting modules one is ZFV & another option is thin client reporting. It is definitely comprehensive and easy for users

Key Features of NeoRad PACS

  • Generates patient worklist based on data provided by HIS
  • Centralized system for scheduling patient appointment
  • Support DICOM modality worklist to different modalities available in hospital
  • Reporting Tools
  • Complete Web Based Reporting
  • View Images stored in PACS with Zero Footprint Viewer.
  • View Images without installing any special software in the browser
  • Open multiple patients at the same time in different windows
  • Sort on any column in the worklist
  • Show alert if two or more users have opened the same study
  • STAT reads are marked and move to top of the worklist e.g. Emergency, Reported, drafted,
  • Multi Monitor Support
  • Multi Study Viewing
  • Vendor Neutral Workstation supporting MRP, MIP & 3D
  • Crosshair 3D navigation with support for CT, MR and PT modalities
  • Customizable Study Work List
  • Automatic Colour coding based on various statuses.
  • Supports Mobile viewing
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